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This year Formosa Taffeta brings you our best sustainable and functional outdoor/sports items including: Breathable and waterproof (elastic, durable and sustainable) ULTRALIGHT&INSULATION(10-15D& stretch WPB downproof) WICKING&COMFY (stretch weaving, natural feel, sustainable concept & cool & antibacterial) Our star category is Sustainability, including: Ocean Recycled PET and Nylon: Ocean polyester recycled from waste bottles. Recycling polyamide from marine litter such as fishing nets Bio-based PET and polyamides: Bio-based PET comes from agricultural waste such as sugar cane and corn. Bio-based polyamides include PA56 from sugar cane and corn, as well as PA410 with 70% castor oil and bio-based PA11 from 100% castor oil instead of petroleum-based sources. Solution Dyeing: Colored fabrics without dyeing process. Recycled Spandex: Spandex made from 100% recycled materials.
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FABRICS - Laminates/Coated fabrics, FABRICS - Linings, FABRICS - Sustainable Fabrics, FABRICS - Thermo-regulating Fabrics, FABRICS - UV Protective Fabrics, FABRICS - Waterproof/Breathable fabrics, FABRICS - Wovens (Corduroys, Chambrays, Ducks, Twills, etc.), FIBERS/YARNS - Nylon/Polyamide


PA11 film & durable stretch high performance water proof breathable
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